Top Online Metrics Report from Coremetrics

       You can certainly pull the Online Metrics Report from Coremetrics Analytics. Do you currently use this solution? If not, you should totally consider purchasing it since in our opinion it is one of the most powerful web analytics solutions. Before we deep dive into the discussion about this report that will give you a quick and easy overview of the site’s performance, let us throw a couple lines of text about what Coremetrics Analytics is. What is it? What does it do? Why do we need it? What do we need it for? Obviously, Analytics is one of the solutions offered by IBM that resides within the Coremetrics environment.  Coremetrics Analytics offers a wide array of analytical reports that allow to view and analyze website’s activity and performance of the marketing campaigns. We are planning to review each report within Coremetrics Analytics one by one dedicating individual post to each report. One of the them is the Top Metrics Report which provides us with the high level picture of how the website performed during a certain period of time selected by you– the number of sales, revenue generated, conversion rates, visits (Coremetrics has the ‘visits’ defined as sessions), page views, average time per page, new visitors vs. returning visitors and many others. This report might be very handy in order to get a quick snapshot of what’s going on the site or you may also run this report for a meeting with executives. You may also get more sophisticated by comparing the performance of the site for this week vs. last week, last month vs. the month prior and etc. The option to compare is available in this report and you should definitely take a full advantage of it. What’s also cool about this option is that you can also set comparison calculations – % difference, period A – period B, % of B. We think that this option eases the process of manipulating the data – it removes the step of importing the data into Excel, building the formulas and performing other time-consuming actions. For instance, you are interested in seeing how your website performed last week versus this week. You may notice that the conversions spiked up. Why? Did you have a promotion that week? Was it a Sale Week that influenced the number of conversions? Are you seeing negative trends? Were there any issues with the site?


       What’s also exciting about this report is that you can drill deeper into the reports and see data tables and visualizations (heat mapping or trend options) on how certain metrics performed on specific days of the week during particular hours. For this purpose, heat map might be the best option since it very clearly depicts the overall activity on the site. For instance, you need to determine when to conduct the site’s maintenance –what days, hours, at the beginning/end of the month, you would want to check with analytics to define specific hours to allow for your site to be down. The metrics that we usually look into to schedule website’s maintenance hours are number of orders and the amount of revenue generated during defined hours. You can do a number of tricks here and there in this report, but what’s essential is that you always have a high-level readily available report sitting there in Coremetrcis Analytics waiting for you.


       Do you currently use this report? Have you used it? Do you think it is useful in making business decisions?


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