The Power of Online Marketing

       Let’s start by remembering advertising approaches of 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. These approaches consisted of strategies such as, door-to-door (word-of-mouth), billboards, TV and radios, now let’s take a look at the era of an Online Marketing which consists of banner ads, social networks, digital magazines, blogs, news websites, companies’ websites, YouTube channels and many other ways in which Internet spreads the “word”.


            Even though we live in time when Internet is the best friend of any person, many companies don’t use it or don’t know how to use it to their advantage. For instance we know many multimillion companies that don’t have web analytical department, which in our understanding is the crucial piece of any company which exists (and want to continue to exist in this world). The importance of web analytical department consists of measuring the profitability of any online marketing campaign and answers very important questions such as; does this online marketing campaign bring profit to us, does it reach the target, do we use the right channels for this specific campaign and etc. Many companies are growing naturally and because of that they don’t realize that with a help of the web analytical approach they could be bigger and stronger.


            For instance Social Media has a tremendous impact on the online marketing/advertising and on the online businesses. The coolest part about Social Media, is that now there are various analytical tools that can analyze who, when and what has been said about you, your company, products or services. By following conversations about yourself, you can quickly and productively overtake the conversation/situation and spin it in your advantage. In some cases Social Media can be very scary since it has the power to bring people to your products or services, at the same time it can draw them away from you, just because someone had a bad thing to say about you. That’s why many online specialists recommend not to ignore or rudely reply to such comments, but try to show the people who read them that you are aware of it and that you do everything in your power to resolve it. 


            Let’s also not forget the life cycle of the old fashion advertising and the online advertising. For instance, you advertise something on the billboard, the minute that the billboard is down, it stops producing conversions or attracts new customers. Online Advertising, in many cases is forever, things such as blogs, tweets, Facebook comments will always be there for people to see.


            So the question that crosses our minds, is that why many people still don’t understand and believe in power of an online advertising?


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