The Benefits of Online Marketing Tools

       Many companies don’t understand the value of using different online analytical tools, because they don’t really understand how they can attract more traffic and increase conversions by simply analyzing the collected data on the spreadsheets. That’s why many companies limit their potential on the online market and unknowingly interfere with the company’s growth. The strength that analytical tools provide to the organizations can be only understood if the company commits to it.


       The interesting part is that analytical tools continue to evolve. For instance, initially analytical tools provided basic data such as how many visits your page received, now it provides you with an in-depth analysis which includes the touch points (websites, banner ads, links and etc.) that person used to reach your website, the time he/she spent on the pages, which pages and where he/she clicked on, even computer mouse pointers activities are being recorded.


       Here are just SOME popular analytical tools:


       v Google Analytics


       v Sitecatalyst


       v Coremetrics


       v Google Adwords (helps so analyze keywords and create Paid Search   Campaigns)


       v Crazy Egg (heat mapping)


       v Google Website Optimizer (which is part of Google Adwords)


       v ClickTale


       v Radian6 (Analyzes Social Media)


       and many more……..


       The coolest part about analytical tools is that if used correctly, they help the companies to manipulate the behavior of the website’s visitors and direct them in the location on the website where they want them to be, which, in most cases is the conversion page.


       Online Marketing tools can be also used for pin pointing the most profitable online marketing campaigns and increasing brand awareness. By analyzing the data (history) of particular offsite marketing camping such as email, paid search or other affiliate programs, analytical tools can help companies to recognize the weakest and the strongest sides and make a decision regarding further investment. Also these tools can help to spread brand awareness by letting the marketing departments know which target markets have potential, but advertising for some reason doesn’t reach them.


       Overall analytical tools are a huge part of Online Marketing industry, and in the near future we will try to address each part of this mechanism in the individual articles. For now feel free to comment, ask questions or request additional information. Truly yours Ecommspark !!!


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