Insights Reporting in Coremetrics

       Moving on to the next section of reports within Coremetrics environment we would like to go ahead and discuss the ‘Insights’ suite of the analytics reporting section. It consists of four reporting parts:


     – Top Line Metrics Insights

     – Marketing Program Insights.

     – Product Insights.

     – Page Insights.



       As promised let’s deep dive into these reports determining the goals and the benefits of each report. Top Line Metrics Insights allows to track particular metrics that perform above and below site averages. It helps to identify the best and the worst performance of the metrics selected across time. You are able to look back 30, 60 and 90 days. For instance, you might be interested to see the lowest and the highest number of sessions compared to the site average for the past 60 days. You might also want to look at the sales generated for the past 90 days compared to the site average. We believe that this report spots the trends quickly indicating either spikes or dips in the metric’s performance for a specified period of time.


       If you are currently tagging the marketing programs with cm_mmc Coremetrics parameters, you want to look into the Marketing Program Insights. This report highlights the marketing campaigns that perform above (high vendor) and below (low vendor) the site average from page views/session perspective. Say, if the site’s average page views/session is 6.45 (the averages are based on the site’s data), the Paid Search’s page views/session is 9.45, then the marketer should consider investing more in Paid Search and oppositely, the Email’s page views/sessions is 5.00, the marketer should perhaps re-evaluate the strategy. What’s also nice about this report is that it also offers an action plan in a written text, for instance, ‘Consider investing more in…’.


       Product Insights Report shows specific product that performed higher or lower than the site’s average. The report looks at the products’ performance from 4 perspectives: demand, abandonment, attraction and exposure. Demand reports indicates the top sellers as well as the products that brought low results compared to the site average. Abandonment rate report shows the products with high and low abandonment rates compared to the site average. Attraction report identifies top and low new product buyers. Coremetrics offers to find the ways (such as investing more in SEM or Display) to promote the products that turn viewers into buyers. Exposure report reveals top and underexposed products compared to the site average. Page Insights report looks at the activity from the same four perspectives.


       We hope that it helps to better understand the goals and the advantages of Insights suite of the reports offered by IBM. Do you use this report? Do you find it helpful?


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