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       In addition to cool features offered by DoubleClick that were presented in the prior posts, we would like to cover the topic of DoubleClick Rich Media and Video this time. As a matter of fact DoubleClick offers the products and services necessary to create, manage and report on rich media and video advertising. Isn’t what many companies need, but are not sure what product/service to go with devoting hours and days to brainstorming and discussing this topic? If you are one of these marketers trying to find the best out of the best solutions, your dilemma is resolved. DoubleClick Studio tool, DoubleClick’s Rich Media solution is what you need. DoubleClick takes care of you from the initial set up and kick-off the ad to the last ad served. How does DoubleClick do it? What does it offer from the Rich Media and Video perspective?


       One of the most crucial features offered by DoubleClick is a wide range of Rich Media formats including expanding, in-page, peel-down, floating, flash-in-flash and other special formats. The team of experts will help you to choose the best one which fits your business goals. We suggest to take a quick peek at the DoubleClick Rich Media Gallery. We found some of the formats to be very appealing:


       In addition to Rich Media, DoubleClick offers a myriad of video options such as alpha video, in-page video, live streaming, video button, video cube and others.


       Of course, there are other valuable features available to the online marketers such as:


-        Flexible Process. DoubleClick assists in turning advertising campaigns into interactive results that bring higher profits to the company. The team of DoubleClick’s professionals works worldwide to choose the best Rich Media and Video strategy.


-        Ad Design Building. DoubleClick supports full creative cutting-edge ad building and ad-service.


-        Trafficking. Rich Media and Video activities are trafficked through DoubleClick that allows to track their performance. Most likely at this point many advertisers are curious to find out if the video metrics are being tracked through DoubleClick. The answer is yes. The Video Player automatically tracks standard video metrics like the number of times users start the video, complete the video, unmute the video, etc.


-        Quality Assurance. DoubleClick makes sure that the ads are being served successfully every time they are being delivered to the user.


-        Reporting. Rich media reports are available for every campaign, providing data on the key performance indicators such as expansions, expansion time, interaction time, video plays, video completes, video unmutes and others.


       We think that the characteristics listed above are very critical for the online marketers for generating better campaigns’ results, so why wait, let’s start utilizing these features now.


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