Brief Insights of Online Advertisement

       The main purpose of advertising is to “push” people to make a purchasing decision and purchase a product/service that is being advertised. The secondary purpose is to inform the people/target market about the particular product the companies are selling. Although advertisements come in many forms such as posters, radio, moving images on television, essentially they use the same techniques and aim to manipulate potential consumers’ feelings in order to make them to buy the products or services which are being advertised. Also, an advertisement exists in many different types; the most popular two types are physical advertising and digital advertising. Physical advertising exists in forms such as press advertising, mobile advertising, billboard advertising and kiosks while digital advertising exists in forms such as TV advertising, radio advertising, cell phone advertising and online advertising. I would like to discuss an online advertising.


          Since we live in the technological era which is constantly moving forward to new technology innovations, technology increases potential of digital advertising vehicle and make it as one of the most successful promotional vehicle on a present market. Another reason why online vehicle is very popular is because information which is published over the Internet is immediately available to world users irrespective of their nationality, language and geographical location.


          “Internet is a worldwide means of exchanging information and communicating through a series of interconnected computers.” (Belch & Belch, 2011) Internet consists of millions of web-sites, chat rooms, file archives, forums and other aspects. They are used daily by many people and this number is growing rapidly. The vast majority of these people belong to the financially secured section of the population, because to get to Internet a person should at least have a computer, money for the Internet provider and basic knowledge of an online world. All these people are the target audience for the new age of advertising. This advertising vehicle which wasn’t available 20 years ago now provides new opportunities for advertisement, marketing and PR. If used strategically an online advertising can be way far effective than other forms of advertising.


        Here is the list of advantages and disadvantages of an E-advertisement:


        Advantages are:


- Visibility. E-Advertising campaigns are able to reach an unlimited count of international audience without physical and time boundaries.


- Cost effectiveness. Online provides unlimited space comparing to press advertisement or time shares of TV advertisement.


 – Statistic and analysis of particulate advertising campaign. With a help of many different tracking software such as Google Analytics, Omniture and etc. number of times advertisement has been viewed by potential customers can be accurately measured. 


 – Updates. The online advertisement can be updated or changed at any time (price, image, text and etc.) comparing to press advertisement when a company must spend additional money for reprinting.


 – Evolves. The new technologies are constantly being created which allowing E-advertising to engage potential consumers in ever more imaginative ways.


 – Target market. Internet advertising is one of the best ways to reach a targeted audience.


 – Feedbacks. Online comments from customers provide information and recommendations, this data later can be used to make the advertising campaign more effective.


 – Brand recognition. “The Internet – as part of integrated marketing communications programs – can be useful tool for branding.” (Belch & Belch, 2011) The statistics show that companies which use online advertising increases company name recognition, brand favorability and etc. “Advertising on the Web can be useful in creating awareness of an organization as well as its specific product and service offerings.” (Belch & Belch, 2011)


 – Direct access. “One of the primary objectives for using the Web is to provide in-depth information about a company’s products and services.” (Belch & Belch, 2011) By clicking on online advertisement people are immediately allowed to access as much material about the product as much as it’s available.


        Disadvantages are:


- Online advertisements are only available to people that have a computer with an Internet access.
 – Because Internet consists of billions of pages with data and most of the internet users only visit the same websites/forums/chats and etc., not all advertisements are seen by all members of the Internet community.
 – Because Internet is very popular place to get the personal information stolen, many online users try not to click on any advertisements, so not to attract any attention of the hackers/thieves.


          In my opinion, E-advertising is the most successful advertising vehicle that is available to organizations that are trying to reach their target market. To prove my point, I would like to bring to the attention the auction websites such as EBay, Amazon and etc. If we take a closer look and search this website, we will see that they are created only for the purpose of advertising variety of products. Each listing that we see on these sites is the e-advertising and each listing represents the advertisement of the product which an individual person or the company is advertising on the website/Web.    



Belch, G.E. & Belch, M.A (2012). Advertising and Promotion (9th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Irwin.


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